20 Most Rare Diseases In The World

Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome

This is  the rate syndrome with manifestations such as loss of taste, intestinal polyps, hair loss, nail disorders. Approximately 500 cases have been recorded this syndrome.

Alien Hand Syndrome

It is also known as the “alien’s hand”. People with this syndrome feel not to control their hands, not their hands. So, they have meaningless and unwanted activities.

Lymphatic Filariasis

It is because the filaria clogs the lymphatic system, it leads to the lower limb edema, progressing to elephant legs, which makes it difficult for the patient to travel. The treatment method is to use anti-parasitic drugs or surgery when needed.

Parry-Romberg syndrome

This is an unexplained syndrome. Its symptom is that the muscle and skin on one side of the face of the patient are shrunken, causing the face to be indented, unbalanced, aesthetic. There is no effective treatment for this syndrome.

Lamprey disease

Perhaps this is the most frightening type of disease in the body, especially in the eyes that look like yellow jackits or the mouth of a lamprey opening with jagged teeth and deep throats. The cause and treatment of this disease are unknown.

Necrotizing fasciitis

It is also known as flesh-eating disease, it is a rare disease caused by several types of bacteria in which streptococcus group A. This disease is characterized by rapid progression of cellulitis, which can be fatal within 24 hours and the mortality rate up to 70%..

Menkes disease

The disease is associated with genetic abnormalities and is more likely to occur in males than females. The lack of copper in the body causes symptoms such as blurred vision, muscle weakness, convulsions, etc. The main treatment is supplementing copper with some other supportive measures.

Cotard delution

This is a paranoid that people often feel that they have died. There are many people with Cotard delution and they need to take some drugs or do dialysis treatment to remove the 9-Carboxymethoxymethylguanine (CMMG).

Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis

This disease is caused by a virus belonging to the family of HPV (Human Papillomavirus). Damage is the pimples, callused pieces the shell of tree grow on the face or extremities. The disease is not fatal, but it affects the aesthetic and obstructs the daily activities of the patient. Currently, there is no specific treatment beyond the removal of “branches” when they grow too long and fast.

Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva- the Stone Man Syndrome

Genetic mutations leading to fibrous-calcified of progressive systemic body alignment that cause the body to be sclerosed, squeezed like a living statue. Currently, there is no effective treatment for this disease.


People with polydactylism have more than 10 fingers or toes, in which the extra fingers usually have no bone, only the soft tissue (skin, muscle, joint organization). On average, one in every 500 babies has this defect. Simple treatment is surgical removal of the extraction.


The disease is caused by prolonged exposure to chemical compounds containing silver, making the skin of the body damning, it turns blue or gray. The treatment method is with laser beam and this disease can be fatal in some cases.

Proteus syndrome

It is also known as Wiedemann syndrome, characterized by hyperkalemia and deviant bone development that cause the hands and feet to appear unnaturally. Treatment options are still being studied.

Werewolf Syndrome

Due to genetic abnormalities, uncontrolled hair growth results in long, dull hairs in the body or in some parts of the body such as face, hands, back … This is a rare disease with about 50 recorded cases worldwide.


Porphyria is a hereditary or acquired disease characterized by disorders in the production of porphyrins and chain of erythrocyte heme. Abdominal pain, vomiting, neurological disorders are common in this disease.

Lion face syndrome

The uncontrolled growth of the skull-face causes the patient’s face to look like a lion face. The most common type of complication is loss of vision (It is because the optic nerve is pinched by bone).


Progenia disease is also known as aging or ageing before your time. This is a rare disease, according to statistics, there are now only about 80 cases on the world.

Hailey-Hailey Disease

The disease occurs after puberty with skin rash, irritation and inflammation. Currently, there is no specific treatment.

The human body is a very complex machine and when these “machines” are broken in very complex, strange ways that many sciencetists cannot explain …

Exploding head syndrome

This is a syndrome affecting thousands of people around the world with the manifestation of head exploded while preparing to fall asleep without any warning signs. The majority of patients with this syndrome are over the age of 50, but this disease may also be found in adolescents.

Alice in Wonderland syndrome

Hallucinations, disorientation, loss of sense of feeling, seeing flying miracles … are the main symptoms of this syndrome. It is common in children and adolescents and can be self-limiting without any special treatment. Some cases are related to the use of hallucinogenic drugs, such as amphetamines.

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