12 Health Benefits Of Chia Seed For All Ages

Chia seed is an good food for your health, it has many useful benefits such as weight loss, obesity limitation, good for the heart, nails, hair, digestive system, osteoporosis prevention, diabetes, slowing oxidation, good for the nervous system, especially good for pregnant women. The use of Chia seed is also easy and convenient, so it is paid more attention.

What is Chia seed?

Chia seed is also known as Salba Aztec Maya, with colors of black, gray, white or black spots, the shape of ellipse, 1-2mm long like sesame seed, basil seed. This is the seed rich in nutrients and this seed is rare in the plant world. It includes essential minerals such as phosphorus, iron, calcium… with protein and some fatty acids such as Omega3, Omega 6, Omega 9, fiber…

chia seed health benefits

Features of Chia tree

It is a type of flowering plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family, its scientific name is Salvia Hispanica, this seed is classified as a herbal plant used as a spice like basil and mint.

chia tree

Chia tree has a height of 0.3-1.2m, sometimes up to 1.75m equivalent to the adult height. Its leaves are symmetrical, 4-8cm long, 3-5cm wide. It flowers are small about 3-4mm in clusters, white or purple.

The Chia tree has long been originated from South America. It is originally discovered by the Aztecs and Mayans, they later discovered the great uses of Chia seed. Later, Chia tree is planted much in Australia because this area has the similar climate. This tree is suitable with dry climate because this plant contain oil, the insects do not like and they do not support pollination. Therefore, when planted, it must be planted in large quantities such as maize, natural plants do not need to use insecticides, protective chemicals, so it is quite safe for users.

The nutrient content of Chia seed

Each day, you only need 3 scoop of 45g of Chia seed can provide enough nourishment needed. Chia seed contains 11% Calories, 30% Iron, 38% Magnesium, 14% Zinc, 61% Manganese, 30% Calcium, 39% Phosphorus, 35% Selenium, 6% Potassium, 12% Protein, 62% 79% Omega 3, 40% Omega 6, 20% Vitamin B1, 5% Vitamin B2, 21% Vitamin B3, 6% Vitamin B9, …

Below is a table that compares the nutritious content of Chia seed with other foods:

chia seeds nutrition information

Chia seed health benefits

Weight loss, obesity limitation

Thanks to its excellent water uptake of up to 16 times of its weight, it can feel full when eating. You just drink a glass of water with a large spoon of Chia seed to keep from starvation for half a day. For people who are trying to lose weight, they should drink this glass before each meal to eat less.

Good for hair and nails

Chia seed is effective in enhancing the development and protection of the skin, hair and nails, making them healthier because Chia seed contains high levels of Omega 6 ALA, protein and antioxidants. These are important substances for a healthy skin.

In addition, antioxidants also help to fight the aging process of the body. Protein plays a role in the formation and repair of tissues, so it is good for both hair and nails. It is because the body does not store protein, we need to add protein in our diet every day, eating Chia seed is a natural way to supplement protein.

Good for cardiovascular health

Omega 3 ALA is an essential fatty acid, but our body is not able to synthesize itself, this acid helps to maintain a healthy body function, good for cardiovascular health due to the ability to do reduce cholesterol, risk of heart disease, maintain cardiovascular function. This type of Omega 3 ALA is more abundant in Chia seed up to 20%.

Good for pregnant women

It is important for pregnant women to ensure their daily nutritional needs in order to maintain healthy fetal development and good maternal health. Chia seed contains Folate, this is a substance that plays an important role in the development of the fetal brain and nerve in the first trimester of pregnancy. In addition, other substances in the Chia seed are very important for pregnant women as Omega 3, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin A.

Preventing osteoporosis effectively

In the elderly, the amount of estrogen hormone gradually reduces, losing the balance of calcium regulation in the blood, resulting in osteoporosis. Therefore, you should  pay attention to supplementing adequate calcium needed in the elderly.

Chia seed contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, zinc, photto and Bo… these are important substances for bone health, effective prevention of osteoporosis.

Good for the digestive system

Chia seed contains up to 37% of fiber, of which 20% is soluble and 80% insoluble. Fiber plays an important role in helping the digestive system to function more efficiently, helping the body to absorb easily and helping the digestive system to remove harmful substances, to reduce the cholesterol clinging to the intestinal wall, thus limiting the risks of bowel diseases.

Diabetes prevention

When eating Chia seed helps reducing the craving for sweets, thereby reducing the amount of sugar taken into the body, it is quite effective for people with diabetes. Moreover, thanks to the ability to absorb water up to 12 times of its weight, when Chia seed is taken into the body, the soluble fiber component creates a layer of soft gel. Thanks to this gel layer, the sugar in the stomach gets permeated and slows down, thereby reducing the glycemic index, this is important index in assessing diabetes. Once the sugar is regulated and controlled, reducing obesity, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.

Good for nervous and intellectual systems

Omega 3 plays an important role in the regeneration of the neuronal system, helping the brain to grow better, so it is good for children and pregnant women. So, you need to supplement Omega 3 daily by eating Chia seed.

Slowing oxidation

Omega 3 ALA combining with proteins and antioxidants having in the Chia seed to help slowing down the aging process, helping to purify toxins to provide a healthy body and a beautiful skin.

Helping to supplement vitamin and essential minerals

As discussed in the section of nutritional ingredients, eating Chia seed usually helps us to add vitamins and essential minerals for our body, helping our body to grow healthier and more sustainable.

Good for vegetarian

Due to its high protein and mineral content, it can be used as a substitute for fish, meat. So Chia seed are very suitable for vegetarians, helps minimizing nutritional deficiencies due to vegetarianism.

High anti-inflammatory properties

Omega 3 has natural and high anti-inflammatory properties, in the plants world, Chia seed has high content of Omega 3. It also has the ability to improve the cognitive function.

How to use Chia seed

It easy to use Chia seed, you just put it on the dishes available in the daily meal. Here are three main groups of using Chia seed:

– Drink with water or fruit juice, the simple way is that stirring it well, then wait 10 minutes to use.

– Give Chia seed in the same types of quick drinks as cocoa, coffee, yoghurt, etc… This is a fun and interesting way to enjoy.

– Sprinkle Chia seed on dishes such as veggie salad, cakes, cereals, yogurt…or any foods you like.

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