11 Abnormal Expressions Of Tongue Indicates That You Are ILL

Abnormal expressions in tongue can reveal that you are suffering from certain diseases. So, do not ignore the abnormal symptoms in the tongue below

11 Abnormal Expressions Of Tongue

The tongue has a white coating

When the tongue appears a thick white coating, maybe your tongue can become infected, swollen, or may be a sign of oral thrush, candida (also known as yeast). With this disease, we can treat with special fungicides or clean the tongue regularly so that the tongue returns to normal.

The tongue is dark or black

Healthy tongue will have a pinkish color, so when the tongue is dark or black, it is a sign that you have health problems: lifestyle, diet or medication. Side effects of bismuth drugs (such as Pepto Bismol: medicine for diarrhea, or peptic ulcer), temporarily makes the tongue turn black.

It may be because you drink too much coffee and smoke. If your tongue is stained with food or medication, you need to clean your tongue several times to help reduce the color, but if it is due to smoking habits, this will increase the risk of oral cancer.

Feathering in tongue

If your tongue looks like a feather, it can be caused by antibiotics, infected tongue or dry mouth that dehydrate in the tongue.

Tongue with red spots

If your tongue has red spots or sores, it can be due to a cold, fever, eating a variety of citrus fruits or biting on the tongue. Normal sores will heal and disappear within 1 week to 10 days but if prolonged, it can be a sign of oral cancer. In this case, you should go to the doctor for medical examination and treatment in time.

The tongue has traces like a map

On the tongue, there are traces like a map, with white edges, red inside the tongue and gradually widening, that is when you have map tongue inflammation. This is not a serious disease. Lesions can change in shape, size and location on a daily, even hourly basis.

It is not known exactly what causes the disease, but it is possible to have family history with diabetes, stress, allergies and oral contraceptives. The disease is not related to infection or cancer.

Scabrous surface of the tongue

Rough tongue may be caused by inflammation of the tongue and pain. If the ulcer is normal, this condition is not severe and will last for a few days. But if it turns red or white, sore and does not go away, it can be a sign of oral cancer.

The tongue is red and painful

When the pink tongue suddenly turns red, it may indicate a lack of vitamin B3, anemia or lack of folic acid and vitamin B12.

However, when the tongue is temporarily red and the pain is likely due to food or you are sensitive to certain toothpaste flavors, mouthwash or singum (such as cinnamon) or other foods Acidity (as aromatic). If you have frequent tongue aches, limit your intake of these foods.

The tongue turns yellow

Yellow on the tongue may be due to tongue infection of some fungi or bacteria in the mouth. Another cause may be gastroesophageal reflux. Sometimes, the color changes of the tongue only appear in a small area due to geomagnetic. In that case, some areas of the tongue are yellow while other areas are normal and pink.

Burning in tongue

Phenomenon of burning in mouth and tongue are the most common symptom in postmenopausal women. Other causes can be due to infection, dry mouth (a side effect of some drugs), or malnutrition. Remedy this by drinking water regularly, chewing swingum (to combat dry mouth), or taking anti-anxiety and depression medications.

The tongue is pale and smooth

When a person has anemia due to iron deficiency, the tongue becomes pale and smooth. That is because when your body is iron deficient, the blood does not carry enough oxygen to the tissues (including the tongue) to make the tongue red. Therefore, you need to supplement iron for your body by consuming foods rich in iron such as red meat, beef, pork, lamb, oysters, mussels, cabbage, watercress, seeds sesame, almonds…

Apthae tongue

Blisters appear on the abdominal or the top of the tongue, causing the patient to be very upset and painful, affecting the chewing and pronunciation functions. Patients who need to be treated on a prescription from a doctor may apply topically or take a full body. They should do additional tests to see whether they have anemia or not.

Prevention of tongue diseases

  • Regular dental hygiene, regular saline mouthwash.
  • Do not use medication without your knowledge or without your doctor’s or pharmacist’s advice.
  • Need to eat a full range of substances, can take vitamin tablets every day.
  • If you are experiencing long-lasting ulcers or abnormal tumors, see your doctor immediately.

In summary, most tongue diseases are benign and need only symptomatic treatment. However, a certain percentage of tongue lesions are indicative of a malignancy. Therefore, you should seek specialist in ENT or facial teeth immediately if there are abnormalities in the tongue.


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