10 Signs Of Feet Warns That You Are Sick

The feet are also known as the “second brain” of man. Therefore, protecting your foot is the same as protecting your overall health.

Legs often cramp

Leg cramps occur when there is sudden muscle tension or body dehydration. If you regularly cramp, add more foods containing magnesium, calcium, potassium for the body.

Solution: The pain relief for you is to bend the feet, massage the affected leg. You can also apply a cold towel to the cramped area or drink a glass of hot milk before going to bed.

Legs and toes are pale

This is a sign of poor blood circulation. The blood supplied to the leg is not enough to make the leg easy to numb. Its expression is that if you are sitting and then stand up, legs will turn pale color, or suddenly stand up, you will see the tip of the toes turned white, numb.

Solution: Improve blood circulation by doing exercise or your diet.

The toes are slightly concave, with a dented spoon shape

toes are slightly concave with a dented spoon shape

This is a sign of anemia. It is due to insufficient hemoglobin (a protein rich in iron that is present in the blood cells to transport oxygen). Bleeding in the body (such as ulcers) or severe irregular menstruation also leads to anemia.

When there is anemia, the toe will also have the same condition; the nail color becomes faded. In addition, the nails are easy to break, and the feet feel cold. Fatigue is the first symptom of anemia, and other symptoms include difficulty breathing when standing up, dizziness or headaches.

Solution: Anemia can be diagnosed by blood test.

Leg pain is long, not disappear

This is a major manifestation of diabetes. High blood sugar levels can cause nerve damage to the legs, which may indicate scratches, cuts or allergies by pressure

Other manifestations of diabetes are usually thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, blurred vision, feeling hungry or losing weight…

Solution: Immediately treat ulcers and check for diabetes.

Cold feet

Cold feet may be due to anemia, poor thyroid function, because thyroid can regulate body temperature and metabolism. In addition, poor blood circulation is one of the causes of this condition.

Solution: Regularly soak your feet in the warm water, keep your feet warm in the winter.

Thick and yellow toenails

Yellow toenails warn the ineffective functioning of the immune system in the body or you use too many nail polish to cause nails damage.

Solution: When this happens, you should stop the nail polish (if you are doing so) or see a doctor for a specific examination.

The big toe is large in abnormal way

It may be gout, a type of arthritis, often caused by excess uric acid. Uric acid is usually found in some parts of the body when the body temperature is quite low.

Solution: Pay more attention to your diet and consult your doctor when your toes are too painful.

Restless leg syndrome

Loss of feeling or like a sting on the foot is the way your body is alerting you that it is a symptom of a peripheral neuropathy or peripheral neuropathy that has been damaged. There are many causes, but diabetes, alcohol abuse or radiation therapy (cancer treatment) is the main culprit.

Solution: The best advice for everyone is to quickly see the doctor to determine the cause…

Pain in foot joint

Rheumatoid arthritis is a type of joint injury that causes small joints such as the toe joint and finger joint to feel pain, usually accompanied by swelling and stiffness, and the pain is symmetrical. Rheumatoid arthritis is more common in women than in men.

Solution: A comprehensive examination is needed to determine the cause of joint pain. There are many medications and treatment for arthritis.

Foot pain is difficult to walk

The most common cause of this condition is lack of nutrients, vitamin D and calcium.

Solution: Doing exercise regularly and eat well.

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