10 Natural Ways To Treat Itchy Scalp

Itchy scalp can be caused by dandruff, dry skin, dermatitis and other skin diseases. Even though the examination is the best treatment, you can try treating scalp itching at home before seeing a doctor.

There are 10 natural remedies for itchy scalp you can try before using some drugs for treatment. Please explore below

Causes of itchy scalp

Itchy scalp is usually accompanied by dandruff and various causes such as:

  • Dermatitis
  • Diabetes
  • Fungal infections
  • Psoriasis
  • Inflammation and dry skin

treat itchy scalp naturally

You can see a doctor to determine the exact cause. Most of the causes can be cured, so you should not be too worried.

Treatments for itchy scalp

1. Treatment of itchy scalp with apple cider vinegar

Hair is frequently exposed to shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products and these products often leave deposits on the hair. In this case, you need acetic acid contained in apple cider vinegar to detox the hair. In addition, the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of apple cider vinegar make the scalp clean and healthy.

To make the solution for itchy scalp treatment from apple cider vinegar, you need 2-4 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar (pure type) mixed well with 1 cup of warm water. Please massage this mixture on the scalp after washing and then relax for a few minutes and wash with clean water.

2. Treatment of itchy scalp with aloe vera

Dry skin is one of the causes of itchy scalp. So, you need a natural moisturizer and it is antibacterial, but it is gentle as aloe vera.

Apply the gel of  aloe vera on your scalp, hold for about 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. You can do this twice a week for high efficiency.

3. Treatment of itchy scalp with melaleuca tea oil

Melaleuca tea oil has a strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which are effective against itchy scalp. In addition, this natural oil also helps to fight the virus and fungus causing dandruff, scalp itching.

To do this, pour a few drops of melaleuca tea oil into your favorite shampoo and use it regularly until itchiness is reduced.

4. Treatment of itchy scalp with coconut oil

Coconut oil is another natural moisturizer that works to counteract scalp itchiness.

To do this, lightly boil coconut oil and massage the scalp and hair about twice a week. Coconut oil will soothe the itchiness and nourish the scalp effectively.

5. Treatment of itchy scalp with honey

Pure honey is a natural product with strong antibacterial properties. In addition, this material also contains vitamin B2 and B5 to soothe skin inflammation.

To make a honey mask for your scalp, mix honey and water in a 9:1 ratio. Please rinse the hair with water, apply lightly on the scalp for 2-3 minutes then use a towel to incubate the hair for about 3 hours before shampooing with water.

6. Treatment of itchy scalp with olive oil

As with coconut oil, olive oil can be used to moisturize the scalp and nourish the overall growth.

Massage a little olive oil on your scalp and then use a towel for 4 to 6 hours or overnight. Then, wash your hair with a natural shampoo. This method helps to soothe the itchy scalp, moisturize and nourish the scalp.

7. Using avocado and banana to treat itchy scalp

treat itchy scalp naturally

Avocados and bananas have long been popular with many people for their exceptional health benefits. Besides the ability to beautify, lose weight, provide the necessary nutrients for the body, you can combine the two fruits to make the mask for itchy scalp effectively.

Mix the mixture of 2 bananas and 1 avocado and gently rub on the scalp. You can hold for about 30 minutes, then wash with water.

In addition to treating scalp itching effectively, this therapy also improves the growth of hair, resulting in a sleeker, smoother scent.

8. Massage to treat itchy scalp

With this method, you simply brush the hair and massage the scalp gently in circles. This helps to promote blood circulation, removes dry skin cells and stimulates hair growth. You should brush your hair before shampooing to remove dry skin cells and clean scalp.

9. Cleaning the comb to relieve itching

In addition to internal causes, itchy scalp is also caused by external factors such as bacteria clinging to personal items everyday. So, to avoid having a bad scalp, clean your comb and do not share it with other people as this can spread the bacteria to your scalp.

10. Playing sports

You may think that playing sports is not related to scalp itching, but the truth will surprise you.

Playing sports will help to improve blood circulation and the cells in the body to get more needed nutrients. In addition, blood circulation works well to reduce inflammation of the scalp.

These natural remedies at home are widely recognized for their effectiveness. However, if you have not only itchy scalp, but also feel pain, swelling and no cure, then you should see a doctor for advice in time.

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