10 Habits Of Pregnant Women Harm The Fetus

Lying on your back, rubbing pregnant mothers’ stomach, having a bath with hot water… are habits seeming to be harmless for pregnant women, but actually they endanger the fetus in the abdomen.

habit harm fetus

Using the phone too long

According to the results of a study carried out by researchers at Yale University of Medicine (American), the habit of chatting too long by cell phone will have negative impacts on the fetus.

The cause is that mobile phone’s radiation affects the brain development of the fetus and causes some behavioral disorders after being raised such as hyperactivity or attention deficit.

In addition, the light emitted by the cell phone also prevents the production of sleep hormone melatonin, interfering with the sleep cycle, resulting in lack of sleep and stress for pregnant women.

Lying on your back

A 5-year-old Australian study found that pregnant women who had a habit of lying on their back often had the risk of stillbirth with the increase of six times.

When lying on the back, fetal weight squeezes the veins of the pregnant women, hindering blood circulation as well as the transport of oxygen and nutrients from the the body to the placenta.

Spicy food

Some spicy and hot spices such as chili, ginger, pepper… are not good for pregnant women.

The anesthetics in these foods are capable of paralyzing the fetal nervous system and causing the baby to not develop normally or even causing neurodevelopmental disabilities.

In addition, spicy food is also easy to cause constipation for pregnant women. Pregnant women with constipation is easy to be in miscarriage, their water broken early, premature birth and many other bad complications.

Eating and drinking cold foods

Many pregnant women have a habit of consuming cold foods, especially in the summer. However, this habit is not really good.

The reason is that if pregnant women often eat cold foods, the blood vessels in the abdomen (including the cervix) is in contraction, preventing blood circulation to the fetus and affecting the maturation process of the baby later.

Drink beverages with stimulants

During pregnancy, pregnant women often avoid alcohol, beer but forget that drinks containing caffeine such as tea, coffee… are also in this list of drinks

Using cosmetics

Some ingredients in cosmetics (especially inexpensive cosmetics) such as lead (Pb), mercury (Hg) and asbestos (As) are absorbed into the mother’s body through mucosa and skin, then diffuse in the blood, affecting the normal development of the fetus.

In particular, even if “it was a perfect delivery”, the toxic components of cosmetics residues in the blood, causing negative effects on the infant when the mother is breastfeeding.


Many studies have shown that the mood of the mother will greatly affect brain development and personality of the baby later.

During pregnancy, if the mother is often stressed, depressed, sad, anxious, then the baby born will certainly not be able to be laughing.

In some special cases, it can cause both mother and child with depression or heart diseases

Less exposure to the sunshine

Although it is important, however, this issue is less concerned by pregnant women. According to obstetricians, if pregnant women do often not expose to the sunshine, they will be in vitamin D deficiency.

This is a necessary vitamin that helps to regulate the weight of the fetus, and it is essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, contributing to bone formation.

Low levels of vitamin D in the fetus leads to obesity as children grow older and some calcium-related diseases such as osteoporosis, osteomalacia or seizures due to hypocalcemia.

Having a bath with hot water

If the pregnant mothers have a high fever, especially in the first 3 months, the risk of neural tube defects in the fetus will be increased, pregnant mothers are also advised not to take a hot bath or go to the sauna because this can increase the body temperature and adversely affect the fetus.

High body temperature results in loss of maternal blood pressure, loss of nutrients and oxygenation of the baby, resulting in the possibility of miscarriage and fetal birth defects and even death.

A number of studies have shown that excessive intake of caffeine increases the mother’s heart rate and blood pressure, and then changes into fetal complications such as stillbirth, risk of miscarriageā€¦

Rubbing pregnant mothers’ stomach

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers often rub their stomach as a way to cuddle their baby, but obstetricians have warned that rubbing vigorously into the abdomen will force the sphincter to contract, resulting in abortions, confusion or premature birth.

In particular, if you rub your stomach in the last months of pregnancy, the risk of uterine contractions will increase.

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